Sutrio – Zoncolan

Where time follows the rhythms of the seasons

Located on the ancient Via “Iulia Augusta”, which runs along the foot of Monte Zoncolan in the Carnic Alps, Sutrio boasts a beautifully-restored town centre, with picturesque houses built in local stone and narrow flagstoned streets. Every corner and every crossroads, where the architecture, customs and traditions, skills and smells have all remained unchanged over time, will tempt you to re-discover the genuine hospitality of these mountain people. This is where time follows the rhythms of the seasons, where the local people are extremely hospitable and the atmosphere is sincere.


Sutrio, whose name appears for the first time in a document of 1300, was among the first places inhabited in the upper valley of Bût. The country is one of the most picturesque villages in Carnia, featuring a beautifully restored historical center, with typical stone houses overlooking cobbled streets that encircle the village.

Zoncolan all year long

The possibilities of hiking in the summer are countless: off from a broad carriage road leading to the Monte Zoncolan. From here you can choose from a vast range of walks: the ring of Mount Tamai, which allows to reach the most beautiful huts in the area, such as dairy Agareit, Casera Tamai and the farm Casera Marmoreana.
In the winter period, Sutrio becomes the center of winter sports: you can use the lifts to the summits of Mount Zoncolan (1750 m) and Tamai (1970m).


Cjarsons : Tradition of Carnia

Through the streets of the country you will have the opportunity to taste the different flavors , different souls that characterize a “poor” dish but with the complexity and richness of a great restaurant ingredients .

First Sunday of June

Fasin la Mede

It is the last Sunday of July, when in Carnia the season is at the peak of flowering, which takes place on the Monte Zoncolan one of the most authentic and traditional farmers rites : haymaking , a big party in the meadows , with food , music and dancing.

Last Sunday of July

Hamlets and nativity scenes

Exhibition of handmade nativity scenes, set in Sutrio villages along a path to the rediscovery of courtyards, loggias and cellars of the most characteristic houses.

From Christmas to Epiphany

Farine di Flor

” Water and bread make the fullest pleasure to those who are missing. ”
If you replace the water with wine you enter fully into the spirit of ” Flor Flour ” a particular and evocative gastronomic tour of ” Tasting of the Mills”.

Second Sunday of October

Fums, Profums e Salums

Impressive culinary journey featuring the Salami , King of carnica table, interpreted differently by each company . You can compare salami recipes , discover the unusual alternative meats and some dishes of the proposed dishes accompanied by fine wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

First Sunday in March

Magic Wood

Sutrio becomes a large and lively workshop that showcases the skills of its master carvers. Visitors can admire the hands of skilled craftsmen carving wood.

First Sunday of September